PRO Elite Wrap

750 mm rulle. 1900 meter.

Minimiorder för fraktfritt, 4 pall, 40 rullar per pall.

Gå ihop med dina grannar och köp en hel lastbil (20 pallar) så ordnar vi med ett specialpris.

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  • Double Glue
  • Stretch up to 80 %
  • 20 µm
  • Highest quality components
  • Compatible with all bale wrapping machines
  • Plastic core
  • Ultra strong
  • Three colors: white, green and black
  • Available in all sizes:
  • 1000/750/500/370/250 mm o width

Pro Elite Wrap is a 5-layer blown wrapping film for professional farms. Multilayered blown film structure ensures best quality of the silage allowing it to be stored up to two years.

Reduction of thickness in time of wrapping a bale with Pro Elite Wrap generates up to 25 % less waste. Stabilized UV filter included into the film protects the silage from UV radiation.

Pro Elite Wrap is compatible with all bale wrapping machines, also it can be used for sugar beet pulp, maize, alfalfa or industrial waste of non uniform shape and increased weight.